Shades of Lipsticks

Woman should choose lipsticks according to her skin tone, shape of lips and mouth. For different skin tone and lips shape there are different shades of lipstick that are compatible. Also some lipstick color looks different in a tube than on lips. Here are some advices that can help with lipstick shade and color dilemmas.

Women who have darker skin can use almost all shades and colors of lipsticks. Best choices are: red, dark red, brown, chocolate, plum, orange and pastel. One rule is that the deeper your skin tone, the deeper the shade of lipstick can be used.

Red and Pink Lipsticks Shade

Women with fair skin can use medium toned lipstick. Gloss lipstick is often recommended. Fair skin can look pale when is combined with light shades of lipstick. Dark shades are not best choices for fair skin. Women with this skin tone look best in cool blue based shades.

Women with medium skin tonewith golden undertones can use all shades of red, sherry berry, coral brown and brown based mauves.

For women with pale skin is perfect to use nudes and beige shades. Also recommended are light shades as light pink, light corals and peaches tones.

Women with olive skin tone look nice with warm colors that are yellow based like brown, peach and terracotta.

Women who have large lips should use muted colors like purples, browns and bronzes.

Women who have thinner lips should use light colors like berry, wine, cappuccino and mauve colors.

Red and Pink Lipsticks Shade