Detailed Lipstick History - From Ancient to Modern Lipsticks

Lipsticks and other cosmetic products had a very important impact on our development. Here you can find facts about their journey through the ages, from the ancient kingdoms in Middle East to the phenomenon of global fashion.

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History of Lipstick

History of Lipstick spans the entire modern history of mankind. Here you can find out more about its incredible journey from the Ancient Egypt, harsh times in medieval Europe, to the worldwide popularity that it enjoys today.

Lipstick Invention

Who Invented Lipstick?

Determining who invented first lipstick is not an easy task, because they were present in our fashion from the earliest moments of our history. Here you can witness how that journey went, and how lipsticks became what they are today.

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Lipstick Timeline

Lipstick timeline through our history is full of interesting events and moments when it had significant impact on our culture and fashion. Here you can find out when those important moments happened on the lipstick’s journey to worldwide popularity.

Red Lip Gloss

Lip Gloss History

Even though opaque lipstick can be found everywhere today, its popularity is heavily threatened by lip gloss, transparent substance that showcases our lips in more natural and subdued colors. Also, the rise in its popularity can be found in its beneficiary medical properties.

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Max Factor History

History of cosmetics is full of influential companies that had great impact on worldwide fashion, but Max Factor managed to distinguish itself by very significant innovation in the field of lipsticks by introducing to the public Lip Gloss.

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