Lipstick Making Process

World of lipstick making has changed upside down when famous Persian chemist Abu al-Qasim al-Zahrawi managed to create formula for solid lipstick. This moment started revolution in lipstick production that last even today.

Making Lipsticks

How Lipstick is Made?

Recipe for creating lipstick is not a complicated one, and it you really want you can make your own in the confines of your home. Here you can find out the basics of the lipstick recipe, and all most common ingredients that are used today.

Lipstick Materials

Lipstick Ingredients

Ingredients of lipsticks are not numerous, but only correct mixing of them in the right environment can produce stunning effects that are today showcased on the lips on the most famous actresses around the world.

Carmine Shade

Carmine Lipsticks

Find out how the most popular shade of lipstick is made – bright red colored carmine. Popularized by the many Hollywood actresses of the 20th century, this shade of lipstick will forever remain remembered as best showcase of beauty and femininity.

Lipstick and Making Process